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Texas Giclee-professional-printing

The Frame Gallery wants you to have a great experience when ordering from us, but be aware when you order are agreeing to our terms and conditions for all online print orders.

Production Wait Time: Printing is a product produced only for you. Our website print production days are Monday thru Friday.
Photos, fine art papers and uncoated canvas Standard is 3 days Rush 1 day
Canvas with coatings and stretched canvas 5 days Rush is 4
Start time begins on same day if before 1 pm. If after 1 pm it starts next business day. These wait times are until product is shipped and not delivery.

Rush Production: We only rush orders if we have the capacity to do so. If you order a rush print and we are out of media or time. We will refund the RUSH FEE, but not the order. Our rush is only on production and does not not include shipping. We are not responsible for shipping companies time schedules and damages in shipping by shipping companies. Stretched canvas and coated canvas cannot be done in less than 4 days.

Shipping Time: After printing is completed, we will ship. Production time does not include shipping time. For example if production time is 3 days and shipping is 3 days. You will receive your order in 6 business days. We do not Ship on Saturday and Sunday. Also, estimated ship times do not include Weekends.

Missing & Damaged Prints in Shipping: Prints damaged or lost in shipping will be seen when opening your order. UPS shipping claims must be reported within 48 hours of delivery. You need to email us photos of damaged packages and or prints. You must do this within 48 hours of delivery or no claim can be made. Do not return to us without a RETURN NUMBER! If you return to us without authorized return it will be refused by us and you will have to take it back. We are Not RESPONSIBLE for shipping. However, we will help you with your claim. Our only obligation is to help you claim with UPS. We do not give refunds for shipping damages.

Mistakes: We happily correct all mistakes by us. You must contact us via phone or email within 48 hours of delivery. Customer is responsible for return before we reprint. Reprinting is our only obligation.

Exchanges, Returns, Cancellations, Changes: Our custom prints are made just for you. Returns and exchanges or not allowed. You may cancel your order within 4 hours of your order, if the order is printed by then you will not be allowed to cancel since the print has been made. If you place order but do not supply print files within 5 business days, you will issued a store credit, good for 6 months. NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED.

Copyright: When you order a print you are agreeing that you are legal owner of print images or have permission from owner. If you do have legal right to print, it is illegal to do so. We will not knowingly violate anyones copyright as is private property and respect that fact. Please do not submit files that are not yours!

Personal Checks: We do not accept personal checks unless you make an “in store” order.

Cropping: It is best for you to crop your image in the size and ppi you want. You can easily do this in Photoshop and other softwares. If we crop, we center the image to your order size and crop. Our software crops automatically to proportions in height and width you ordered.

Sizing: If you order a print the exact size you want, it may or may not be that exact size. It might be slightly smaller or larger. Please do not order mats, stretcher frames, custom frames or glass until you receive your print.

Color Correction, Sharpening and Brightness: We always print your files “AS IS”! We only adjust your file if you order these services in checkout. If you order color correction or sharpening you are asking us to adjust your file. We use our expert opinion to make your file better. We do not issue refunds or reprints if you do not like our adjustments. Also remember this, a great print comes from a great file. If you submit a poor file, in the wrong color mode, a blurry image, a blue or yellow cast image you will receive exactly what you send. It is your responsibility to send a great file.

Monitor and Brightness Matching: We print your image file as is. We do not brighten or lighten your file. Your monitor may not be calibrated correctly and if not. you are not seeing the picture file as it really is. Many montiors are too bright and are intentionally brightened for selling purposes. We use Eizo Coloredge monitors and are highly calibrated. They are great for getting a true idea of your photo file. The Frame Gallery does not guarantee you print will like your monitor.

Alignment & Centering of Image: Image centering is not an exact science, especially on canvas. Different types of canvas stretch differently than the size printed. When placed on a stretcher frame for stretching, it becomes larger. Therefore, we provide no guarantee to will be exactly centered top to bottom and side to side.

Canvas and Borders: Canvas is cropped to the size of image your ordered. Please remember when stretching, you will need canvas to pull around stretcher. If you order the exact image size, part of your image will wrap around the edge. If you need a border in black or white please order a border for your canvas that can wrap the stretcher frame.