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Texas Giclee-professional-printing

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: The Frame Gallery company was founded in 1985. We are a privately held company and successfully satisfied ten of thousands of clients thru the years. We are a full service custom framing, art and print company.

Q. If I order online, can I pick up my order in person?

A: Of course, select local pickup in Shipping at checkout and you will not be charged.
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Q: What is the turnaround for a print before shipping?

A: We print within 3 days unless we our out of a media we need. However, we offer one day printing.

Q: Will my print look like my computer screen?

A: The answer is complex. If you have a calibrated computer screen , it will be close to your image you see. However , most store bought monitors are Badly out of calibration. Remember too, that different medias print differently. The colors and sharpness on a canvas print look different than a photo print. We use premiere custom profiles for each media and printer we have. Our printing is very accurate and our prints are beautiful.

Q: What do I need to do to my file before sending it?

A: Yes, you need to get your file ready for print. We have a great page telling you what to do.
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Q :Your upload system is only in full inches. What if I want a 8.5” x 11” inch print, what do I do?

A: Put the next largest inch size in the calculator and in instructions, put the size you need. For example if you need an 8.5” x 11”, enter a 9” x 11” measurement Also, if you crop and make it the exact size you want. Put in instructions..... EXACT SIZE.

Q: Do I need to crop my file?

A: Yes, it is always best to crop your own file before upload. However, if you cannot for any reason. We will crop your file to the desired print size by placing the exact measurement you ordered in the center of the image and cropping. Our software does this automatically so the result is exactly as described.

Q: How big can you print?

A: We can print canvas and photo papers up to 42” inches wide as long as you need.

Q: Are your prices fair?

A: We are very competitive with companies offering similar quality. However , Box Stores are cheaper. We do not even try to compete on that level. We use only the finest archival quality of inks and media. We offer only the highest quality printing and our staff are experts.