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Do you need Art Reproduction or Proof Prints?

The Frame Gallery offers Art Reproduction Services. Do you have a painting that needs a digital copy for printing? We offer very high Art Recreation Services.

When you send a file image to us, you might need a proof before printing. A proof allows you to see how you file will look in print. This makes available to you the best possible print editing before final print. You might desire a proof when you need highly accurate imaging for photography or digitally created art.

Please know that printing is more limited in color range than what you may see on your computer monitor. Many monitors are not calibrated properly for printing. Most monitors purchased from computer stores are bumped or boosted in colors and brightness so they sell better. However, pros know that properly calibrated monitors are rather muted in colors.

When you order a print you may also see how it looks on the media of your choices. Do you need canvas or photo papers, matt or gloss? The beauty of a proof print is you can see visually how th image appears on the media.

Your proof with be mailed to you after they are printed for your viewing or you may stop by our stores for pickup.

Order a Proof

$10.00 per proof

When ordering just upload your file on this site. It is simple to use our checkout for a proof. We use your file image and print two images on the media you choose. You can select canvas or photo paper.

We print a 4” x 5” full image, cropped to size and the second image will be 3” x 5” at full size scale of image so you can view the details.

Also, know this. All images you submit are printed “As Is”, if you need a corrected image we offer a comparison in a double proof.

Order a Double Proof

$20.00 per set

What is a double proof? Simply said, a double proof is one proof print with the original image file you send and a second with Pro Color Correction and Pro Sharpening. This allows you to compare the two and select the one you prefer for print.

A double proof order contains two 4” x 5” full images, these are cropped to fit on that format and and two additional images at 3” x 5” at full scale. This means a small part of the image is full size in a small area. Remember, that in both sizes you get a original image print and an enhances one by us. Choose what your prefer!

Art Reproduction Kit

Starting at $0.00

Order Online, includes:

* Pro Digital Scan
* Dust Removal
* Pro File Sharpening
* Printed Proof on Epson Luster Paper
* A CD with file in Tiff and Jpeg format

At The Frame Gallery we offer full art and photo reproduction services. Are you are an artist or need a family photo that is aged, discolored, faded or scratched, we can help you turn your artwork or old photo into a digital file for a fine art print.

We can print your digital file for limited edition works and documentation of media and archival inks used in process, and give you a certificate of Authenticity.

We offer high end scanning services for your artwork and photos? Simply send us your work or stop by our store we will digitally archive it for you.